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TASER® C2 Pre-owned #33000

TASER® C2 Pre-owned

Item# 33000     Price: $249.99

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The C2 TASER® fires with a range of 0 - 15' with the highest take-down power available.
*** Must be 18 years or older to purchase***.

Package Contents:

1 - TASER® C2 Pre-owned with integrated Laser Sight Model# 33000
1 - 15' Replaceable Cartridge
1 - Online Operating Manual
1 - Online Training Video
1 - Lithium Power Magazine

• Sleek ergonomic design
• Easy to conceal (6" x 2")
• Black with Ergonomic Grip
• Lightweight (8 oz) and easy to carry
• Lithium Power Magazine fires 50 times
• Stop attackers from up to 15 ft. (4.5 m)
• Integrated Laser Sight
• LED Flashlight

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Warranty - One Year Limited Warranty from Accredited

TASER®  weapons are not considered firearms and are legal in all 50 states except the following. We do not ship to: DC, HI, MA, NY, RI, Annapolis, Chicago, or to Philadelphia unless you state that you are a sworn law enforcement officer in the Special Remarks section. We do not ship to  Canada or anywhere else outside the USA.  Call 1-800-352-5294 for more information, for express shipping prices, or to order by phone.

Your TASER C2 is sold in an inactive state. Upon successful completion of a background check after purchase, either online at or over the phone at, you're provided a unique 5 digit code that electronically unlocks your TASER for active use. This process along with serialized tags in each cartridge, which is registered to each TASER C2 owner upon activation, discourage the misuse of our powerful electronic control device (ECD).

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