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TASER® C2 Yellow with integrated Lasersight #39035

TASER® C2 Yellow with integrated Lasersight

Item# 39035     Price: $399.99

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The C2 TASER® fires high voltage EMD energy pulses 15' with the highest take-down power available.
*** Must be 18 years or older to purchase***.

Package Contents:

1 - TASER® C2 Yellow with integrated Lasersight

Model# 31090

2 - 15' Live Air Cartridges

1 - Training (blue) Cartridge

1 - Holster
1 - Owner's Manual
1 - Training DVD
1 - Lithium Power Magazine
1 - Registration Card
Activation/Registration required for
unit to operate. Age and background
check will be performed at activation.

All TASER® C2 Weapons in color now come with integrated Lasersight, Holster, Training Cartridge, and 2 Live Cartridges.

Free Shipping - on all orders over $100.00

No Sales Tax (in most cases)

Free Fanny Pack Holster with every C2 purchase (when ordered at the same time)

This TASER® will be replaced Free of Charge if ever lost in Self Defense (police report must be filed)

TASER® energy weapons are not considered firearms — they are legal to carry in most states without permits (including California). Allow 10 days for shipping. We do not ship to: HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, WI, Canada or outside the USA. Illinois residents need a $5 state-issued FOID card before purchasing. Call 1-800-352-5294 for more information, for express shipping prices, or to order by phone.

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