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TASER Pre-Owned M26 with Lasersight #44001

TASER Pre-Owned M26 with Lasersight

Item# 44001     Price: $349.95

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The M26 Law Enforcement Model Advanced TASER® fires from a safe distance of 15 feet away (or further depending on cartridge type) with ultimate take-down power as it overrides the central nervous system affecting both the sensory and motor systems. Proven Electro Muscular Disruption (EMD) is exclusive with TASER®.

*** Must be 18 years or older to purchase***.

Package Contents:

1 - TASER® PRE-OWNED M26 with Integrated Laser Sight Model# 44001

1 - 15' Yellow Cartridge (or 21' Silver Cartridge or 25' Green Cartridge upon request in "Special Instructions")

1 - Service Duty Holster or Shoulder Holster upon request in "Special Instructions". Specify "Left Hand" or "Right Hand Holster".

1 - Set of Training Instructions
1 - Online Owner's Manual
1 - Carrying Case instead of holster - Upon request in "Special Instructions"
1 - Battery Magazine (8 AA Batteries Included)
1 - Set of Optional Reflective Stripes (indicates non-lethal weapon)

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Free Service Holster for Duty Belt and/or Free Shoulder Holster - Unless specified otherwise, it will ship with a Right Hand Duty Holster. Left hand holsters must be requested at time of order in the "Special Instructions". Request "Left Hand" or "Right Hand Holster". Specify "Left Hand" only if you wish to draw with your left hand. Enter your credit card number, click "Continue" and type your request into the "Special Instructions" window. Holster type will vary depending upon availability. Call 702-617-3300 if you have questions.

All items carry a 30-day 100% Money-back Guarantee.

Full One Year Replacement Warranty against defects - the same as new!

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We sell and ship throughout the continental USA but sell only to law enforcement in areas where sale to civilians is prohibited: DC, HI, NY, RI. We do not sell or ship to Canada or anywhere else outside the USA. Illinois residents need a state-issued FOID card to possess and a CCW permit to carry concealed. Call 702-617-3300 for more information, for FedEx Overnight shipping availability, or to order by phone.

Law Enforcement - You may identify yourself as such with department name, badge or ID number in the "Special Instructions" section and request "green 25' cartridge" for example. Please call 1-800-352-5294 for other special requests.

The "Special Instructions" Section - will appear under the payment section in the 100% secure area. After completing the payment section click "Continue" and the "Special Instructions" window will appear. Type in your requests and ID information.

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Checks - Choose "Payment by Mail" under as the Payment Method. Click "Continue" and type into the "Special Instructions" window that you are mailing a check. Make checks payable to and mail to: Accredited Security, 6017 Pine Ridge Rd Ste 73, Naples FL 34119. Please include the Order Number on your check. Government checks will allow us to ship upon receipt. Allow up to three weeks for company and personal checks to clear. Call 702-617-3300 if you have questions.

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Payment Plans - Please call 702-617-3300 for instructions.

Order by Phone - Call 702-617-3300 to order by credit card, debit card, prepaid card or PayPal. Government agencies can ask to be invoiced.

Law enforcement identity, age and anti-felon background checks are performed in advance. Your TASER® is registered to you before it is shipped.

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