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Doorbell Box® #88001

Doorbell Box®

Item# 88001     Price: $39.95

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Weather Protection: Excellent protection from moisture and the elements with a secure mounting base for your video doorbell. (Video Doorbell is not included.) Clear plastic housing with an open front is pre-drilled with holes for mounting screws and wires when your application uses the preferred installation method of utilizing your existing doorbell wiring.

Mount Anywhere: If you are mounting your RING®​ Video Doorbell in a location that does not use existing doorbell wiring, order the Wireless Doorbell Box®  instead. Item# 88002 is designed for RING®​ Video Doorbells that will require periodic recharging. (Type 88002 into the search window.)

Dimensions: 5" wide x 7" high x 2 3/8" deep

Easy to Install: The Doorbell Box® allows you to easily mount your RING Video Doorbell or any other video doorbell to clapboard siding or any other uneven surface inside this attractive clear plastic protective housing that will not discolor. The sturdy Doorbell Box® comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting of the Ring Video Doorbell and can also be modified for the SkyBell® Wi-Fi Doorbell, Zmodo®, VTech® and others.

Theft Resistant: Once installed inside the Doorbell Box®, the RING Video Doorbell cannot be removed. Although it is unlikely vandals will attempt to steal your video doorbell, once installed inside the Doorbell Box® ​, the RING doorbell cannot be removed. It cannot even be removed with the proprietary RING screw driver because it is completely enclosed.

Protect Your Investment: The Doorbell Box® helps to protect your video doorbell from driving rain, ice storms, blizzard snow storms, high humidity and other adverse weather conditions. Although weather-resistant, these video doorbell devices are not water proof or moisture proof. Unless you live in a sunny climate where it never snows, never rains and there is no humidity, moisture will collect behind it, and your video doorbell will eventually fail. 

Protects from Moisture: Moisture collecting behind the base of the RING Video Doorbell is the number one cause of failure. Housing your video doorbell inside the Doorbell Box® will prevent that problem, and you will not need to worry about replacing it in a year or two or even many years from now. It protects from moisture collecting behind the base, and greatly improves protection from the elements.

Works on All Surfaces: It is virtually impossible to mount your video doorbell on clapboard siding or rough stucco or any other irregular surface without a perfectly flat mounting platform that the Doorbell Box® provides. Moisture that collects behind the video doorbell is the number one cause of failure. Protect your video doorbell investment with this clear plastic housing that also protects from the elements on all sides. The pre-drilled holes make it a cinch to mount your RING Video Doorbell, and the Doorbell Box® provides a clear 180 degree view of the entire video camera range.

Same Day Shipping: Ships the same day for orders placed Monday through Friday by 12:00 Noon ET via Priority Mail 2-DAY™ Service with Tracking for $15.00 S/H. For other shipping options, call 702-617-3300 Mon-Sat 8am-8pm ET to order by phone.

Doorbell Box® ​is a trademark of Accredited Security, a Nevada Corporation and Member of the Southern Nevada Better Business Bureau since 2006.  RING®, SkyBell®, Zmodo® and VTech® are trademarks of the respective manufacturers. Accredited is not affiliated with any of these manufacturers.

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