Blackhawk!™ TASER X26 Rapid-Reload™ Spare Cartridge Case


Item #: 28333



Blackhawk!™ TASER X26 Rapid-Reload™ Spare Cartridge Case for Duty Belt or Holster
The Blackhawk!™ TASER X26 Cartridge Case fits all Duty Belts up to 2.25 inches in width and takes up very little space on your duty belt. It can be adjusted for smaller belts by positioning the included spacer.
Mount it to your holster – It can also be attached to the mounting holes on top of the Blackhawk!™ Duty Holster.
The Rapid-Reload™ cartridge case takes less room on a duty holster than any other type. However, if you have no room on your belt, it is also designed to easily attach to the top of your Blackhawk!™ Duty Holster.
It works perfectly on holsters worn at an angle for cross-draw. The cartridge case then sits on top of the holster for easy access.
Rapid-Reload™ – Means Very Fast Reloading! This is the only TASER X26 cartridge case that allows a TASER X26 to reload the cartridge automatically! Your TASER X26 will snap right onto the cartridge – while it is still in the case!
Please note that Rapid-Reload™ only works for the TASER X26, X26C and X26E. Rapid-Reload™ does not work for the TASER X26P or TASER M26 models. You must pull the cartridge out of the case manually before you can reload. However, it is fast and easy to pull out the cartridge. Grasp both sides of the cartridge to pull it out, or push it up from the bottom. This is the very best cartridge case ever made for the X26!
We highly recommend the Blackhawk!™ Cartridge Case for use with the trouble-free Standard DPM Digital Power Magazine as a desireable alternative to the XDPM Extended Digital Power Magazine. Your TASER X26 will maintain it’s compact size and avoid problems that you might otherwise encounter with the extended battery.