Orange 35 Foot TASER® X26 Special Duty Expired Cartridge


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Orange 35 Foot TASER® X26 Special Duty Expired Cartridge
Package Contents: 1 – TASER® Orange Door Live Special Duty Compressed Air Cartridge with 35 Foot Range Past the Expiration Date.
Live cartridges past the expiration date provide a realistic training experience and are therefore ideal for certification and recertification at TASER training class.
For use with the AIR TASER, M26, M26C, M18, M18L, X26, X26C, X26E and X26P Advanced TASER® weapons.
This cartridge must be used with the arrows on top. Unlike all other cartridges, laser sight aiming requires it to be inserted with a top and bottom side.
Cartridges are self-contained with compressed gas, barbed projectiles, insulated wires and TAGS (tiny identification tags). Each cartridge fires only once.
50,000 Volts, 18-26 Watts and 133 MilliAmps of measured power depending on TASER Model is discharged into the subject with advanced EMD (Electro-Muscular Disruption) power which disrupts the central nervous system.
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