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The TASER® 7 is the Newest Law Enforcement-Grade Weapon available to Law Enforcement, LE Professionals and Civilians Alike.

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Newly Designed Cartridges now reach optimal effectiveness from as little as 3 feet away and are just as effective from 12 feet away.  Each TASER® 7CQ is equipped with a complement of two (2) powerful cartridges for the very unlikely event the subject is missed on the first shot, and it is also purposeully designed to take down a second subject in rapid succession.

Improved TASER® 7 Projectiles generate twice the amount of kinetic energy. They now fly even straighter and faster with increased performance which penetrates even thicker clothing and connects with a breakaway body for attacking subjects at tough angles.

Integrated Warning Arc triggers a Loud Audible Warning directly over the front of the live cartridges projecting out from the front of the weapon, effectively discouraging would-be attackers

Adaptive-cross Connect Feature maximizes the effectiveness of projectile deployment and helps compensate for close probe spreads and loose clothing disconnects.

Brighter Laser Sight and Flashlight integrated into every TASER® 7 has a built-in red targeting laser sight that can be seen clearly even in daylight and a very bright 210 lumen LED flashlight that illuminates dark areas and can even temporarily blind the subject.

The TASER® 7 is built to support close-quarters encounters with a 5-second impact time because more than 5 seconds of current deployment is considered to be unnecessary and excessive.

Back-Up Shot – The second cartridge backup shot removes the need to manually reload and improves the safety and performance in the case of a missed shot or loose clothing disconnect.

Warning Arc – The highly visible warning arc increases voluntary surrenders and helps stop conflicts from escalating. It also issues a very loud audible warning broadcast from the front of the weapon.

Durable Construction – From the high-impact polymer device housing the long-life replaceable battery, the TASER® 7 is designed to always be ready when you need it, and is designed to hold up under the rigors of daily professional use.

The Safariland Holster – This is the holster of choice for Law Enforcement officers across the globe and has a proven track record in the field. It balances comfort and functionality while providing easy access to the TASER® 7. – Now sold separately.

Package contains:

TASER® 7 CQ Device
2 (TWO) Live 12 Foot Cartridges
TASER® 7 Non-rechargeable Battery Pack (3-Year Life Expectancy)
Rugged Carrying Case
Conductive Practice Target
Right-Hand Safariland Holster (NOW SOLD SEPARATELY)


Height: 3.25 Inches
Length: 7.45 Inches
Width: 1.65 Inches
Weight without Cartridge: .6 lb