TASER® X2 Pre-owned Law Enforcement Model Without Display 22002 Black


Item #: 22008



100% Guaranteed to Work with All Features Except the Display – One-Year Warranty*

The Manufacturer’s List Price (MSRP) for the TASER X2 is $1,599.99 USD and it is never discounted to less than $1,399.99.

Price is $1,000.00 Less: than the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price and includes everything with a One Year Warranty*.

The Additional Price Reduction: is because it has a non-working display that cannot be repaired. The Price Reduction which is priced at a total of $1,000.00 less than MSRP – is for a TASER® X2™ without a working display. The display is intended to show you the remaining battery power. The other function of the display is to tell you whether you have 15 Foot Cartridges or 25 Foot Cartridges loaded in the weapon. Even with weekly spark tests, it will be at least 3 or 4 years or 1,000 firings before you will need to replace the battery. Everything else is fully functioning including 2 Laser Sights, LED Flashlight and Two Warning Arc Switch Buttons on both sides of the weapon.

Our price includes everything: PPM Performance Power Magazine Battery with a ten year shelf life and at least 3 year life expectancy in the field, Two 15 Foot Cartridges, Right or Left Hand Blade-Tech™ or Blackhawk!™ Duty Holster, Priority Mail 2-DAY™ Shipping and No Sales Tax in most areas. These pre-owned TASER X2 units are in otherwise excellent condition and are further tested and conditioned to look like new and guaranteed to work like new with a 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, a 90 Day Replacement Policy and a full One Year Warranty*.


• TASER X2 Pre-owned Law Enforcement Model 22002 Black with One Year Warranty*
• PPM Performance Power Magazine Battery
• 2 (TWO) 15 Foot Yellow Cartridges (or law enforcement can request 25 Foot XP Extra Penetration Cartridges)
• Right Hand “Blackhawk!™  Holster (or Left Hand or Blade-Tech upon request in the Special Instructions)

Designed by law enforcement for law enforcement –
The TASER X2 incorporates law enforcement agency’s most requested capabilities. A device that’s feature rich and simple to use with more effective performance and capability than ever before.

• Dual LASERs improve accuracy and help take the guesswork out of aiming
• Improved power magazine provides 500 more firings than the TASER X26
• IPX2 rated weatherproofing to better resist rain and humidity
• Self diagnostics tells you if the device is healthy or has a problem

• Back up shot capability for multiple targets or miss recovery with x-connect technology
• Warning Arc, even when loaded with cartridges, prevents conflict from escalating
• Current Metering delivers the precise amount of current to maximize both safety and effectiveness

• More than 6 years in research and development
• 3000+ hours of testing and validation
• 1500+ law enforcement surveys makes the TASER X2 the most customer driven device in TASER history

• Immediate Backup Shot (2 Shots)
• 15+ Foot Reach
• Arc Display
• Contact Stun (Stun Gun Backup)
• Long-Life Replaceable Battery

• TASER X2 Pre-owned Law Enforcement Model 22002
• 2 TASER Cartridges 15 Foot or 25 Foot for Law Enforcement
• Performance Power Magazine (PPM-Lithium 10 Year Shelf Life – This is not a rechargeable battery)
• Online User Manual

• Choice of Duty Holsters

• Height (w/o PPM): 3.8 inches (9.6 cm)
• Height (w/ PPM): 4.2 inches (10.7 cm)
• Length: 7.8 inches (19.8 cm)
• Width: 1.7 inches (4.3 cm)
• Weight (w/ PPM and 2 cartridges): 1 lbs (454 g (grams)

No Sales Tax – In most areas.

Same or Next Day Priority Mail™ Shipping –  Your order will ship via Priority Mail™ service within 24-48 hours.  If you want to sign for it, you must select that shipping option, and please also type “SIGNATURE REQUIRED” into the “Special Instructions” window. Otherwise we will ship it with no signature required. You are responsible for lost or stolen merchadise.

FedEx Overnight Shipping – Place your order and select “FedEx Overnight” for next day delivery to most areas. Then call 702-617-3300 as soon as possible to verify that you have placed your order in time to receive next day delivery. If you want to sign for it, you must type “SIGNATURE REQUIRED” into the “Special Instructions” window. Otherwise we will ship it with no signature required. You are responsible for lost or stolen merchadise. We cannot guarantee next day delivery unless you call to confirm.

Free Service Holster – can be specified when ordered at the same time upon request in “Special Instructions”.
Request a Left or Right Hand Holster. If you do not specify, we will ship a Right Hand holster brand of our choosing.
Service Holsters are quality Blade-Tech™ or Blackhawk!™ or Safariland™ duty holsters that can be configured for either conventional or
cross-draw use. You may request either a Left or Right Hand Holster in the brand you prefer.

If you do not need a holster, you can request a Carry Case instead in the Special Instructions window.

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – All items carry a 30-day 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee return policy. Any item that is returned in like-new unused condition within 30 days will be refunded to the same card used to make the purchase less 25% restocking fee.

90 Day Replacement Guarantee – Any unit that experiences a manufacturer defect within the first 90 days of purchase will be replaced the same day or very next day with a prepaid return shipping label for return of the defective product.

One Year Repair or Replacement Warranty* – The One Year Repair or Replacement Warranty* is provided by Accredited Security. Accredited does not offer a warranty* on TASER CEWs through Axon, nor is warranty* on a purchased and refurbished*** TASER CEW offered or honored by Axon. The Central Information Display (CID) screen, Laser Sights, Arc Warning Buttons and LED on the TASER® X2 model are warrantied for 30 (THIRTY) days from the date of purchase by Accredited Security. All other manufacturer defects are warrantied for one full year from date of purchase.

Now Legal in All 50 States – We sell and ship throughout the USA – Including Puerto Rico. We cater to law enforcement officers, law enforcement agencies, officers of the court, fugitive recovery agents, corrections officers, corrections transport agents and security professionals. We do not sell to Canada or anywhere else outside the USA. Legal to own in most states without permits or licenses (including California). Illinois residents need a state-issued FOID card and Washington DC residents need a carry license before purchasing. Call 702-617-3300 for more information, for overnight shipping prices, or to order by phone.

Law Enforcement Officers – may identify themselves with their agency name and badge number or ID number in the “Special Instructions” window that appears – only after you continue past the credit card section. All others need to provide other identification such as Bail Bond License Number, Fugitive Recovery ID Number, Guard Card Number, or DOB, Last 4 of your SS# and Drivers License# to confirm your identity when not shipping to a government agency address.

Special Instructions – The “Special Instructions” window appears in the 100% secure area – only after you enter your credit card information and click the “Continue” button. You may type in additional information and requests such as the type of holster desired, type of cartridge (ie: 15 Foot Cartridges instead of 25 Foot Cartridges), request a Carry Case instead of a Holster, Special Shipping Instructions, or anything else we should know.

Credit Cards – We accept all major credit cards, bank cards, prepaid cards and debit cards.

Checks – Make payable and mail to: Accredited Security, 6017 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 73, Naples FL 34119-3956.

Paypal  – Call 702-617-3300, or choose “Payment by Mail” and type “Send PayPal Invoice” into the Special Instructions.

Payment Plans – Call 702-617-3300 to inquire about the same type of plan that Sears offers for example when you purchase a firearm from them. Start with as little as $100.00, and then call to make additional payments whenever you wish with no time limit. It allows you to order in advance and specify exactly what you want set aside for you and shipped the same day when paid in full.

Quotations – We are happy to provide government law enforcement agencies with a formal quotation. Call 702-617-3300 or write Customer Service with your name, rank or title, agency name, address, phone, email, quantity and product specifications.

Purchase Orders – Request an invoice with 30 day terms. Invoice requests are accepted from government law enforcement agencies only with a good Dunn and Bradstreet rating. Complete the order and choose “Payment by Mail”. Then type into the Special Instructions window: “Please invoice”. Or call 702-617-3300 to order by phone and either request a formal quotation or ask to be invoiced. A purchase order number is not required unless necessary for payment.

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