TASER® X26 Blade-Tech™ Holster – Right Hand


Item #: 80100



TASER® X26 Blade-Tech™ Duty Holster – Right Hand

Features Tech-Lok™ Clasp for very secure attachment to your duty belt that is also easy to remove and attach.

Level-Three Retention makes it very difficult for anyone to take your TASER away from you in a confrontation.

Rotating hood with safety strap that snaps to it makes this one of the most secure duty holsters.

One of the easiest holsters to attach and re-attach to a duty belt with a spacer that adjusts to any width belt.

If your department needs to share weapons, this is the best holster until you can afford weapons for all your officers.

Can be adjusted to any angle and carried on the right or the left for cross-draw or in the front, but must be drawn with the right hand.