TASER® X26P Blackhawk!™ Holster – Left Hand


Item #: 80301



TASER® X26P Blackhawk!™ SERPA™ Duty Holster – Left Hand

Quick Draw with a Large Easily Accessible Release Latch. Fast Draw makes this the most popular holster.

Level-Two Retention makes it difficult for anyone to take away your weapon in a close confrontation.

Automatic locking system allows you to draw fast and to reholster your weapon with one swift action.

Removeable spacer adjusts with a flat blade screwdriver or pliers to modify it to any width duty belt.

Can be adjusted to any angle and carried on the left or the left or in front, but must be drawn with the left hand.

This is the best holster for use on a tactical vest with use of a Blackhawk!™ MOLLE attachment. Available here.